Turning Houses into Homes

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Home

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Turning Houses into Homes

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Home

"I love Houston as a whole. I don't think any part is better than another. I get to see clients all over the city because of what they do, where they like to be, and how they want to live. I believe that every space has its ideal owner, and I am grateful that I get to help people find their perfect home." ~Denisse Encarnacion Lopez

Licensed Realtor Houston Texas

We're Not Just Real-Estate Agents. We're Real-Estate Cupids!

We love Houston, and we love to play matchmakers with homes. So, for us, this is not just a typical 9-5 job. It’s our passion.

Clients revitalize our spirits every time we seal a deal and they light up with excitement, hold back tears of joy, or raise up their hands high and cry out “YES!”...all because everything turned out better than they ever expected.

This happens because we know that what we do isn’t about us. It’s about you.

It’s about your needs. It’s about your wants. It’s about your plans.

Part of the American dream is to have a space you can call your own. And our dream is to help you make that happen.

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Denisse LopezHi,


If you want an award-winning real-estate agent in your corner, talk with Denisse. She has been awarded the rare Designation of Accredited Buyer Representative and New Home Construction Specialist by REBAC. A licensed realtor since 2014, she won the Top Producer Award in both 2017 and 2018. Why? Because of performance that was driven by her expertise, confidence, and passion for improving her clients’ quality of life.

Denisse is a member of the National Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, and Houston Association of Realtors.

Prior to becoming a realtor, she worked for 14 years with the city government in Canovanas City (Puerto Rico), where she created and contributed to several projects in Housing and Community Service.

For Denisse, it’s about being more than just a professional: It’s about making it personal. So rest assured, when you work with her, she will treat your investment as if it were here own and advise you accordingly. Knowing that she has changed the quality of your life for the better helps her to feel more complete as a person.


Mustafa “Moose” Fatany

Mustafa 'Moose" Fatany is a Senior Associate specializing in Industrial services at The Golden Group Commercial's east Houston office. Utilizing a deep understanding of the market, he helps level the playing field for a variety of clients by collaborating with key stakeholders to develop strategic solutions.

Moose brings a unique blend of experience that includes working in the manufacturing and energy sectors, which helps provide valuable perspective and practical understanding of varying business drivers and how they impact real estate.

Affiliations & Acknowledgements

Licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Texas

United State Air Force Veteran

Houston BlockChain Alliance - Member

Magdalena “Maggie” Gonzalez

My name is Magdalena Gonzalez, everyone knows me by Maggie.

I recognize the value and trust my clients place in me and I strive every day to exceed their every expectation. My passion and enthusiasm for helping others allows me to connect with my clients and provide them with the best service possible. I understand that your home is more than just a place to live, it is where you make long-lasting memories.

When I'm not busy helping clients, I enjoy going to the gym and spending time with my children and grandbabies.


Kenneshia Perkins

As a proactive Realtor in the Luxury Real Estate Market and a member of The Golden Group Realty you are afforded a world class experience, in addition to 45 million dollars real estate production. With over 8 years in the Special Education Profession for not only public, but for private school as well, Kenneshia’s management of disciplines is abundant.

Kenneshia is distinguished, educated, patient, and takes pride in showing the utmost respect, integrity, and loyalty. As a devoted wife and mother of 3, she strives not only to be The Golden Group Realty top agent, but also remain and engaged in active wife and mother. She is incredibly grateful for the love and support from her family. Kenneshia is immensely proud of her husband who is also a business owner and works close with children, helping them recognize their fullest potential.

She is passionate about helping and serving others through Real Estate and non-profit organizations. Kenneshia is also a member of Houston Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors and will continue to strive to excellent.



Jonathan Ortez-Meza

Jonathan is a real estate agent who works with home buyers & sellers with the main & only purpose to help them achieve their real estate goals.

Jonathan knows & believes we are in a social media era where is so important to create different marketing approaches to help & successfully achieve our client’s ultimate goal.

Jonathan has achieved massive success in Social Media with over 80,0000 Instagram followers & counting.

Being followed & seen by many people it gives us the advantage to generate more clients in the long term.

Jonathan desires knowledge & growth which little by little He is achieving.

Client Testimonial


“Not only was Denisse extremely knowledgeable, but she treated me like a high-end client. Denisse listened to my wants and needs thoughtfully and helped me find the PERFECT property. She went out of her way to fight for me both before and after the offer was made. She took the time to break down every bit of the process.

Afterwards, she made incredible recommendations (which have held true) for household services I needed.

Denisse has been available for me 24/7, and always took the time to respond immediately. As any purchase, there were bumps and hurdles along the way -- but Denisse always took action immediately and aggressively to make those hurdles as easy as possible and ensure I had the best deal possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and I will not hesitate to hire her again for any future buying/selling. I truly felt like I was a high-end client under her care. I'm a first time home buyer but I feel like an expert with her coaching and expertise. Thank you, Denisse."

Cameron Coday

Don’t try to buy or sell your home without any help. Let the proven pros handle it. Contact us and set up an appointment. We’ll get you started, walk with you through the process, and close your deal.